The Delineator Boot

Two flavors to choose from:

  • Our Galvanized Delineator Boot
  • Our Powder Coated Delineator Boot

If you are looking to have a cleaner more organized looking construction site, or if you have concerns about the safety of tripping hazards... then our products will fill your needs.

Case 1 - Tripping Hazards

In July, 2008, it was observed the Sears Sales signage at Pacific Centre had been pushed under the bottom of the modular fencing in several sections causing one section to pull away at the top (section chained together) and creating an extreme tripping hazard near the corner of the fencing by the pedestrian tunnel and to the entrance of the mall.


The first Delineator Boots went to the Pacific Centre Jobsite. We installed them onto the modular fencing feet. The before shot on the left shows the tripping hazard and how messy it looked. The delineators could also be knocked over and/or stolen.

The after shot clearly shows how neat and professional the area looks now... the tripping hazards have been eliminated and the delineators are bolted down so they can't be removed without tools.

Case 2 - Site Professionalism

The variety of Hi-Vis warning pylons used to protect the fence feet looked unprofessional.

Rolling it out

This picture shows the benfit of the Delineator Boot at gates or openings on the modular fence.

The boot moves with the foot.

These pictures show the benfits of the Delineator Boot in narrow walkways or areas... and yes, people do walk behind these planters!

What Do You Need?

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