Cleaner and Safer Construction Sites

If you are looking to have a cleaner more organized looking construction site, or if you have concerns about the safety of tripping hazards... then our products will fill your needs.

Delineator Boot

The Delineator Boot was designed to improve the safety and appearance around construction sites. Our team has been around construction sites most of our working lives and moved to solve a potentially expensive liability situation where the standard construction fence foot often stuck up off the walkway presenting a tripping hazard.

Fence Panel Foot Ramp

The FPF Ramp is made of durable pastic, measuring about 20" wide x 18" deep. We have tested the unit extensively in temperatures ranging from +44 to -10 degree C and it easily withstood up to 5,000 lbs hard tired scissor lift to a 9000 lb air wheeled fork lift.

What Do You Need?

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